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Pest and Disease Management

Handheld, Backpack and Air-assisted Sprayers

Posted by Jake Emling, CropKing Horticulturist on 3/11/2019

Spring is in the air, which means it's spray season here at CropKing! In order to combat pests, disease causing microbes and other "invaders", we use a sprayer to apply chemicals and protect the plants we are caring for. From handheld, to air-assisted sprayers or foggers, there are many options and lots of information to consider when purchasing. This series will help both the seasoned and novice grower with help spraying. First, lets discuss some of the types of sprayers that are available for growers.

Troubleshooting Fall Greenhouse Pests and Disease

Posted by Zack Foust, Sales Representative on 10/16/2018

One of the benefits to controlled environment growing is the ability to grow year-round if desired. While fall typically signals the end of a growing season for many field crop farms, backyard gardens and nurseries, many hydroponic farmers growing in a controlled environment are still going strong. These operations monitor the outdoor environment and adjust their growing environments accordingly to maintain optimal growing conditions with light, humidity, temperature, etc.

Bumbling in the Greenhouse – All about the B’s

Posted by Jake Emling, CropKing Horticulturist on 9/4/2018

From the title you probably can guess what this week’s post is about. It is not about how I move around the greenhouse this time of year but rather my small employees that help with pollination. It’s all about the bee’s this week. After some work in the greenhouse the last couple of days I figured to share some insight on the little “helpers” that occupy the greenhouse even when I’m not there.

Battling Botrytis

Posted by Cropking on 10/2/2017
Botrytis cinerea

Disease pressure in an environmentally controlled hydroponic greenhouse is minimal compared to field conditions, but the threat is never completely eliminated. If growers don’t keep a watchful eye on the internal climate, diseases could proliferate rapidly and even devastate the crop.

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