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Leafy Greens

Winter Greens on a Greenhouse Energy Budget

Posted by Jim Brown, Horticulturist on 11/16/2008

The consumption of energy is a major component of running a greenhouse, especially in the winter when energy bills are at an all time high. Whether you have a greenhouse or are looking at acquiring one, reducing the need for energy during the winter without turning the greenhouse off, is a major concern. We will explore this topic in this article. As well, we will discuss the kind of crops that can be grown in the greenhouse when energy consumption is reduced.

Lettuce and Other Leafy Vegetables

Posted by Cropking on 9/9/2006

Does knowing how your salad ingredients have been grown and what has been applied to them interest you? Does growing your own salad ingredients year round interest you? Our society is becoming increasingly more educated about health and nutrition and with this trend, many nutrition-conscious people are growing their own salad makings in small greenhouses where they are in charge of how, and with what substances, they are grown.

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