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About Us

Our Founder

In 1982, former CropKing President, Dan Brentlinger founded CropKing to help pioneers in the rapidly expanding hydroponic grower's industry facing the same problems and issues he faced as a greenhouse farmer. After making plenty of mistakes, he sought advice from industry professionals and toured hydroponic farms throughout the U.S. and Europe, and finally put together a system that worked, and worked well - so that others wouldn't have to "reinvent the wheel".  

Dan passed on November 8, 2005 after battling cancer.  He leaves behind the legacy of CropKing which has paved the way of a more efficient and profitable plan for greenhouse farmers in the hydroponic industry.

Our Mission

CropKing emphasizes service, quality, and competitive pricing, and is the only company in the U.S. that offers a full range of services to its growers. From monthly 2 Day Grower Workshops, Grower's Manuals, Training Videos and CDs, Technical Support and CropKing supplies not only the products, but also the technology to help growers succeed.

Since 1982 we've grown to become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of commercial facility structures, hydroponic growing systems, supplies, and equipment, selling throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean.

We now service nearly 700 commercial hydroponic growers throughout the country. CropKing imports products from around the world, including irrigation products from Israel, rockwool-growing media from Denmark, plant clips from Holland, and other facility supplies and equipment from Germany, England, and other European countries.

Our Location

CropKing is located at 134 West Drive in Lodi, Ohio which is South of Cleveland and west of Akron (State Rt 42 and 83). Please note that many online mapping programs currently either can't find our address or show it wrong. West Drive is also known as Richman Rd. The CropKing entrance is close to the bend in the road about 1/4 mile from SR 421 (Bank Street) or one mile from SR224/SR42. The office is in the front of the single story white concrete building. The shipping and recieving entrance is about halfway back, up the metal stairsteps.

Key Personnel

The following personnel comprise CropKing's core consulting and management team, offering a tremendous wealth of knowledge related to the controlled environment agricultural industry, and can be instrumental in providing the information and assistance needed to successfully design, build, and operate a controlled environment agricultural facility.

Paul Brentlinger


Paul Brentlinger is President of CropKing Inc., based out of Lodi, OH. He has extensive knowledge of growing high-quality food products and is a controlled environmental agriculture expert who has spoken at the University of Florida, Indoor-Ag Con, Cultivate and a variety of other conferences. Having been in business for 35 years, CropKing is the leader in commercial hydroponics and growing systems, with many techniques and practices applicable to a wide variety of crops. Under Paul’s leadership, CropKing consults for new operations, manufactures greenhouses and hydroponic systems, and distributes a variety of products in supports of both cannabis and produce growers around the globe.

Marilyn Brentlinger

General Manager

Marilyn has been a signficant part of CropKing with hands on hydroponic experience. In the 70's, Marilyn & Dan started a "HyGroponics" tomato and cucumber greenhouse, and the early 80's helped start CropKing. She has worked at CropKing, Inc. in the Accounting, Purchasing, Customer Service, and now as Commercial Project Sales and General Manager.

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