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Colorful Microgreen Varieties

Posted by Nick Greens, Horticulturist/Consultant on 2/4/2019

Microgreens offer a wide variety of choices in taste, texture, and even color. Growers can find success by adding an extra step or otherwise increasing their knowledge on microgreen growing. Below is a round-up of 7 different colorful varieties.

How-To: Microgreen Growing

Posted by Nick Greens, Horticulturist/Consultant on 11/13/2018

Are you interested in growing microgreens indoor year round, or for the winter months? Today’s blog will help you make the right decisions while growing healthy and nutritional microgreens. Microgreens are most commonly harvested from leafy greens such as kale, arugula, radish greens and herbs. The taste of microgreens depends on the original vegetable. Microgreens have a very strong and concentrated taste of the original vegetable. This means that cilantro microgreens will still taste of cilantro, but with a stronger taste and condensed format.

Growing Popcorn Shoots

Posted by Nick Greens, Horticulturist/Consultant on 8/21/2018

Popcorn shoots are a microgreen variety increasing in popularity. As you might have guessed from their name, they grow from the seeds that a lot people use for popcorn. The shoots are useful for ingredients and garnishing dishes, as they are golden yellow and have a unique, super sweet flavor. After selecting the right seeds to grow at home, we suggest soaking them before planting. Then, using a burlap medium, plant your seeds in a 10 x 20 tray designed for growing microgreens, keep the burlap moist, and cover your shoots with a humidity dome or place in a black garbage bag.

Microgreen Seed Density Charts

Posted by Nick Greens, Horticulturist/Consultant on 8/1/2018

Microgreens are becoming increasingly popular, allowing growers the opportunity to expand further into existing markets or to venture into new markets.  From farmers markets to local restaurants and chefs, microgreens are perfect for enhancing salads or using as a garnish. By definition, microgreens are tiny plants with only their first leaves developed. Most varieties are harvested at 8-14 days and while they may be smaller and more delicate, they are also more robust and flavorful.

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