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NFT 10-36

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This hydroponic leafy green system is a great starter system for those interested in commercial hydroponic lettuce production.  The commercial aquaponics system for sale allows growers to test their market for greenhouse lettuce, other leafy greens, and herbs. The 10-36 system can also be a great way for those already involved in growing tomatoes and cucmbers in Dutch Buckets, but want to expand their crop selection  to satisfy customers.    

The NFT 10-36 is the perfect way to learn the fertility and crop management practices critical to hydroponic lettuce and leafy greens production. The channels are completely enclosed with top covers and end caps to minimize algae growth.  The top covers are removable for easy cleaning the UV stabilized, food grade channels. This system includes a nursery for starting your lettuce seedlings before transplanting them out into the 540 finishing spaces. This nursery can accomodate up to 600 seedlings.

The complete commercial system measures 10-1/2 x 26-3/4 feet.

System Includes

  •     (36) 10 foot growing channels with 540 plant spaces
  •     Adjustable galvanized steel support table
  •     Nutrient feed and return plumbing
  •     (2) 1/8 HP submersible pump
  •     100 gallon stock tank
  •     Seedling nursery-fits (5) 10x20 trays
  •     Instructions   


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