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How to Submit a Leaf and Water Sample for Analysis

Water Analysis

Water quality is an important component of your hydroponic production system and can vary considerably from area to area. Water is used by the plants and is a vehicle by which all outside materials are taken into the plant.

The water analysis instructions and submission forms are below:

Clemson University - Water analysis instructions and submission form

a&lgreatlakes Laboratories - Nutrient solution submission form

a&lgreatlakes Laboratories - Irrigation water quality submission form (Results express suitability of source water for hydroponic use, NOT enough info for custom fertilizer recipe)


Leaf/Tissue Analysis

Sampling plant tissue is an important step in maintaining proper crop nutrition. Absorption rates of different nutrients can change throughout the growing season, so it is important to submit samples regularly.

The tissue analysis instructions and submission form are below:

Clemson University - Tissue analysis instrucitons and submission form

For Clemson University, complete a submission form and send domestic samples to:

Agricultural Service Laboratory
171 Old Cherry Road
Clemson, SC 29634

   •  Under "Comments," write "Copy CropKing"
   •  Include payment of $50 ($25 if located in South Carolina)
   •  Make Checks payable to Clemson University

For a&lgreatlakes Laboratories, complete a submission form and send domestic samples to:

a&lgreatlakes Laboratories
3505 Conestoga Dr
Fort Wayne, IN 46808

International water samples can be shipped to CropKing headquarters at:

CropKing, Inc
134 West Dr
Lodi, OH 44254

International tissue samples will NOT be accepted!

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