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NFT System Components


    • CropKing NFT Growing Channel: Two piece extruded PVC growing channels with base and removable pre-punched top cap. Two end caps per channel: one solid (feed end), one spouted (drain end) per channel with anti-drip drainage design. Holes in top cap are pre-punched on 8" centers, or a different punch spacing of the customer's preference.
    •   Nutrient Delivery and Return System: High-efficiency circulation pump(s) and includes main poly feed line with feeder tubes, punch, valves, filter, hardware and 4" opaque drain line for nutrient return to the nutrient film technique reservoir. 
    •   CropKing NFT Fertroller System: Pre-wired microprocessor with pH and EC control. Two nutrient injector pumps (for two nutrient concentrates) and acid injection pump (pre-assembled, mounted and tested).  Three concentrate tanks and plumbing kit are also included.
    •   NFT Channel Supports: Gatorshield galvanized steel frame for supporting the growing channels, which include all connecting hardware.
    •   Nursery Seedling System: Lettuce nursery for seedlings -2 white PVC nurseries and seedling trays to be located in the front of each bay. 10" open top channels can also be used for seedling production because a 10" x 20" seedling tray with rockwool, Oasis or peat media will fit inside the channel.
    •   Nutrient Reservoir: Due to high shipping costs from our warehouse in OH, CropKing recommends that growers purchase UV stabilized plastic underground tanks for their nutrient reservoirs from local tank suppliers. Therefore, reservoirs are generally not included in commercial leafy crop greenhouse packages.

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