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NFT Systems & Supplies

    NFT System

    A wide variety of small leaf crops can be produced hydroponically using food grade channels or gullies with a thin film of nutrient flowing through them.  This method is called the Nutrient Film Technique or NFT Hydroponic System. Leafy greens can be efficiently grown using this method  where all the necessary nutrients are being delivered directly to the root system of the plants.  To assist  the grower with production optimization, CropKing can also provide all the necessary fertilization management (Fertroller) and climate control equipment (iGrow).

    Key benefits of the NFT systems & supplies is the ability to produce many different types of leafy crops in the same greenhouse or growing area. The channel layout allows a grower to access all plants in the house at any time. Growers then have the opportunity to grow and market bibb, romaine, and leaf lettuces along with basil, kale, arugula and other leafy greens.  An NFT hydroponics grower can provide a diverse range of produce for their customers, year around.  

    The shelf life for most NFT crops is optimal.  When harvesting  lettuce the whole root system is pulled out of the channel, trimmed and shipped with the product. This "living lettuce" can help to maintain a crisp, high quality crop all the way to the consumer's mouth.  It is best to harvest in the mornings when it is cooler in the greenhouse and immediately get the lettuce chilled down for the best shelf life. 

    CropKing has all different sizes of Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) systems. Complete commercial packages are available in sizes ranging from 30'x128' greenhouse (with 6,192 finishing spaces plus nursery space for seedlings) all the way to growing systems for multi- acres of hydroponic greenhouses.  Our sales team will be happy to custom design a system for your specific growing or lettuce hydroponics needs.  

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