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    This system ships via motor freight; please contact CropKing for a quote.

    The CropKing Fertroller was developed to automatically adjust the EC and pH of the hydroponic nutrient solution in a recirculating hydroponic growing system such as the NFT system. Growers can better maintain the nutrient solution and prevent potentially damaging fluctuations. Additional benefits could include:

    • Higher crop yields

    • Consistently uniform crop

    • Shorter production times

    • Improved crop quality

    • Additional time for other greenhouse duties

    Every CropKing Fertroller is tested before leaving our manufacturing facility and is delivered completely assembled on a steel stand and wired for 120V power. This unit includes a BlueLab Dostronic Pro Controller with a BlueLab PowerPod and alarm box designed specifically for use with hydroponic growing systems. The Fertroller includes a pre-mounted two-headed pump that pulls fertilizer from two concentrate tanks to meet the EC target. The fertilizer salts are split in order to prevent precipitates from forming. An additional single-head bellows pump pulls acid concentrate from one tank to meet the pH target. 25-gallon or 52-gallon concentrate tanks must be purchased separately.

    The Fertroller will provide continuous control of EC and pH of the nutrient solution by adding fertilizer and/or pH control solutions as needed. Easily adjustable set points, dosing cycles (on/off times), and current readings are easy to read on the digital display. The Fertroller features adjustable alarm triggers that can be integrated with your greenhouse alarm system. The preset safety lockout prevents dosing if the EC, pH, and/or solution flow is out of range. Safety lockout, EC, and pH set points are programmed before leaving CropKing, but these settings can be adjusted to suit each grower’s needs.

    The pH and EC probes can be calibrated using pH and conductivity standard solutions. The BlueLab Pro Controller and EC probe are warrantied for 2 years and the pH probe is warrantied is 6 months. Other components carry the manufacturers’ warranties.

    System includes:

    • Assembled steel frame and hardware

    • BlueLab Pro Controller, PowerPod, and alarm box

    • All electrical cords and cables

    • Pre-plumbed sample pot with mounted EC and pH probes

    • PVC unions for easy integration with recirculating hydroponic system

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