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    NFT Fertroller

    The CropKing Fertroller enables the grower to automatically control the EC and pH of the nutrient solution in recirculating NFT hydroponic system. With automatic EC and pH control this hydroponic pH controller can maintain more consistent solution conditions and prevent potentially damaging variations within your hydroponics farming system. This can lead to higher production, better crop quality and more time for other greenhouse duties. The CropKing Fertroller is more than just a controller. It is supplied completely assembled and mounted on a tubular steel stand and wired for 120 volt power. The hydroponic farming unit includes a BlueLab Dostronic controller designed specifically for use greenhouse hydroponic growing systems. The Fertroller NFT hydroponic system includes a pre-mounted two head pump to deliver “A” & “B” nutrient concentrates. An additional single head pump controls the pH of the nutrient solution through the addition of acid or base solution. The Fertroller will provide continuous control of EC and pH of the nutrient solution by adding nutrient and/or pH control solutions as needed. Easily adjustable set points and dosing cycles (on/off times) are displayed along with your desired targets on large (1/2”) digital readouts. The Fertroller also has user adjustable alarm triggers that can be intregrated with your greenhouse alarm system. The Fertroller has a preset safety lockout feature to prevent dosing if EC, pH and/or solution flow is out of range. The EC control measurement range is 0.0 – 9.9 mS/cm with a control range of 0.2 – 9.8 mS/cm. Resolution is 0.1 EC with accuracy of ±3%. The pH control measurement range is 4.0 – 7.2 pH with a control range of 5.0 – 7.2 pH. Resolution is 0.1 pH unit with accuracy of ±0.1 pH unit. The pH and EC probes can be calibrated using pH and conductivity standard solutions. The controller and EC probe are warranted for 2 years and the pH probe warranty is 6 months. Other automatic hydroponic pH controller parts carry the manufacturer's warranty.

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