With over 30 years experience in the Hydroponic field, CropKing is a leader in growing system solutions. We offer the most practical and cost effective vine crop systems for high tech farming. Over the years we have improved, developed, and upgraded both the equipment and growing systems. The importance CropKing places on the bottom line and complete satisfaction of our growers in unsurpassed in the industry. We feel there is no better advertisement than a profitable, happy grower.

    For vining and fruiting crop production as well as larger herbs such as Basil, CropKing recommends the Dutch or Bato Bucket System. Bato Buckets are UV resistant, strong plastic containers that can be used repeatedly year after year.  This bucket offers quality, as well as security when growing high value crops. The Buckets are designed with a small reservoir to avoid drowning or starving and the unique siphoning elbow ensures that your plant's will only be submerged in the freshest of nutrient solution. These buckets are typically irrigated with drip emitters that slowly and effectively deliver the perfect amount of nutrient solution directly to your plant's roots. The siphoning elbows rest in a 1.5" pvc drain-line that directs the nutrient affluent away from the buckets.

    Whether you are outfitting a multi-acre greenhouse operation or dabbling in hydroponic production, Dutch bucket hydroponic and Bato Buckets provide a user friendly and versatile growing solution that is sure to fit your needs.  

    Cooling System

    CropKing uses the fan and pad cooling method. A Glacier-Cor Evaporative Wet Wall Pad, including self-contained water distribution system(no sump tank needed) is on the south end of the house. The cooled air is pulled through the house and is exhausted on the North end via American CoolAir exhaust fans (2) per bay or unit including slant wall housing, fan guards, aluminum shutters, motors and necessary hardware.

    Power Vent Door

    When the fan switch on an automatic vent door with aluminum extruded framing, gear driven motor with limit switch opens on the south end of the house. It is covered with polycarbonate and included the related hardware. The opening and closing of Power Vent door controlled by the iGrow 1400 environmental control system.

    Air Circulating System

    Jet fan system(one per unit) with motorized intake shutter, houseing, heat inlet kit, and hardware. Pre-punched poly air tube runs the length of the house. Supoort wire and tube hangers are included.

    Overhead Unit Heaters

    Each bay or unit includes two Modine PDP High Efficiency unit heaters (10 year limited warranty) with 180 degree rotating power exhauster and aluminized steel heat exchanger and burner. Galvanized steel heater hangers are included.

    Computerized Environmental Controls

    iGrow 1400 control system with a on screen programming, power supply, 12 outlets, 12 LED status display indicators, temperature and humidity sensor. Unit is mounted on painted plywood, prewired to the electrical panel. The iGrow offers accurate operation of the cooling system, vents, irrigation, CO2 and lighting. With the addition of "slave units" the iGrow can be expanded allowing for separte environmental zone controls. For an additional $1095.00 a remote monitoring and programming software package allows the iGrow to be attached to a host computer. From the host computer, is it posible to store and download historical and realtime date as well as make programming changes. (See *iGrow Remote Access software below)

    Electrical Panel

    For ease of installation, CropKing supplies a pre-wired electrical panel tailored to the greenhouse. The panel includes 200 amp - 240 volt, single phase, 60 Hz, main breaker panel box with breakers, relay control panel, control relay, labeled terminal strip equipment connections, GFI receptacle, duplex receptacle mounted on a painted plywood board. The iGrow is programmed and mounted to the panel board for ease of start-up. Note: Please check with the local electric codes. Some codes require a UL listed panel and are available for an additional cost and are quoted on a per project basis.

    Grower Tech Service Program

    Our technical support includes attendance for two people at our grower's school, the workshop on DVD,  Advanced Cultural Practices DVD, Advanced Fruit Load Management DVD plus unlimited Tech Support via phone and email. 

    Testing and Miscellaneous Equipment

    Myron AG-5 Conductivity DS Meter, TDS Conductivity Standard (1/2 pint) Fisher pH test kit, Sensaphone Model 1104, Sensaphone Remote Temperature Sensor, nutrient mixing pump, Mini-Max Thermometer(2), Pollinator with 6V battery and charger and pocket sling psychrometer.

    Growing Supplies

    Estimated one year supply of hydroponic fertilizer based on your water sample (an estimated one year supply), perlite growing media, 1.5" Rockwool seeding cubes, tomato seeds, Bato Bobbin plant layering spools, propagation mats with thermostats, vine clips, truss hooks, Greenshield, Pre-Tom, insect monitoring strips, and even bee hives for plant polination. Getting your fertilizer with your greenhouse shipment saves on frieght dollars.

    Additional Add On Options 

    CO2 Enrichment and Control System

    Johnson CO2 generator, one per bay or house, electronic remote CO2 monitor with control package pre-wired and programmed into the iGrow 1400 environmental controller.

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