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Spider Mite Control 

Phytoseiulus persimilus

Neoseiulus califronicus (formerly Amblyseius californicus)

Predatory mites can be very successful in controlling spider mites as they will multiply nearly twice as fast as the spider mite population. As a preventative measure, introduce Phytoseiulus persimilus at the rate of 1 predator for every 5 sq.ft. of greenhouse area, just after transplanting. Repeat this two weeks after transplanting. Repeat this two weeks later. For control of an existing problem introduce at the rate of 1 predator for every 25 to 50 spider mites. The more you introduce, the quicker you will gain control.

SPICAL ( use in conjunction with SPIDEX )

Neoseiulus califronicus:

Target: two spotted spider mite, carmine spider mite and fruit tree red spider mite : all stages, preferring younger stages. Predatory mites also survive on other mites and an survive for a number of weeks without food.

To use: Turn and shake bottle gently before use.  Sprinkle material on leaves. Store in the dark.

25,000 bottle (w/feeder mites)



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