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Dealing with a Rexless Summer?

Posted by Dr. Natalie Bumgarner on 5/12/2014
Hydroponic Bibb Lettuce





For growers, there exists something of a codependent relationship between them and their cultivar of choice. Due to uncertainties in seed production and demand, there is always the possibility of seed shortages or movement by the industry away from the ‘old faithfuls’. For bibb growers, the popular cultivar Rex is likely going to be less available this summer and early fall and so the questions of what other options to grow certainly are coming to our attention. While it is never possible to guarantee other cultivars will seamlessly replace current ones, CropKing’s trialing and research program is carried out to assist decision making in these areas. So, the best way for me to help growers decide what to grow is to show you what I have observed and measured in our greenhouses here in Lodi.


Data from Fall 2013 Bibb Trial


•Trials were carried out to test four similar green bibb cultivars in three different growing media

1) 1”x1”x1.5” Grodan rockwool , 2) 162 count Oasis XL, 3) 128 count trays of Grow-Tech peat- based media (

•Time to harvest was varied through the season to produce marketable heads under changing light regimes





Run 4

Run 1






















Run 4























Run 1

Run 4






















Run 4

Run 1



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