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Jim Brown

A graduate of Cornell University with a Masters Degree and a Vegetable Crops Major, and an Associated Degree from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. Jim has over 20 years experience in the hydroponic industry as a Horticulturist, teacher, and consultant on soilless growing. He is the author of the CropKing Grower's Manual, contributor to the S/CEA Newsletter, and is a requested speaker at hydroponic seminars and conferences. He works with hundreds of growers throughout the country and is widely recognized as a knowledgeable and talented professional in the hydroponics industry.

Theodore Huggins

Theodore Huggins is a Horticulturist at Cropking while also managing the trial greenhouses designed for hydroponic research. He is a graduate of The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Theodore earned a Bachelors in Sustainable Agriculture focusing on intensive cultivation methods of vegetables, herbs, and fruiting crops in hydroponic, soilless, organic, and sustainable agricultural systems. He has been growing and working within the food crop sector for almost a decade. His agricultural expertise, passion, and understanding of practical application methods are a true asset to our ever growing community of hydroponic growers and business owners.