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Jim Brown, Horticulturist

Jim is a graduate of Cornell University with a master’s degree in horticulture with a minor in plant physiology, and a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Macdonald College of McGill University. Jim has over 30 years of experience as a horticulturist, educator, and consultant. He is the author of the CropKing Grower's Manual, contributor to the S/CEA Newsletter, and is a requested speaker at hydroponic seminars and conferences. He works with hundreds of growers throughout the country and is widely respected as a knowledgeable and talented professional in the hydroponics industry.


Jake Emling, Horticulturist

Jake Emling grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where his love of the outdoors and nature started. He attended Michigan State University and earned both a Bachelors and Masters of Science in Horticulture. While at MSU, Jake conducted research on various fruit crops in intensive growing systems. Additionally, he has experience working in entomolgy and greenhouses, and he has developed several grower education programs. Jake’s knowledge and experience in the fertilizer industry allows him to easily identify a grower’s needs and develop unique solutions for our growers, helping to increase production and quality of crops.


Colin Clark, Horticulturist

Colin has studied and conducted masters research of hydroponic/aquaponic cultivation and greenhouse management at the University of Arizona, and has over 15 years of hydroponic/growing experience. As a business owner, Colin has designed and created one of the first hobby-scale ebb and flow hydroponic units for the retail market, as well as an all natural preventative pest spray. Colin has owned and operated the world’s first commercial hydroponic hop business, Hydro Hop Farms LLC. Colin has provided hydroponic consultation and research for numerous companies and universities worldwide specifically related to controlled environment hops and cannabis/hemp. Most recently Colin has worked as director of greenhouse research and design for Mammoth Microbes, a successful cannabis biotech company. Colin resides in Northern Colorado on his 60 acre hemp/hop farm complete with CropKing greenhouse!


Jeff Balduff, Technical Sales & Service

Jeff was raised on a diversified vegetable and grain farm in Ohio, and was a hydroponic grower prior to joining CropKing. He has assisted thousands of growers with achieving success in field and greenhouse agriculture. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in greenhouse design, construction, hydroponic growing systems, plant health, managing nutrients, and integrated pest management, which has shaped him into an invaluable member of our team during his 20+ years working at CropKing. He has also shared his expertise as a consultant for active growers and construction projects throughout the world.

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