• Workshops Held at Grower Sites Around the US

    Our grower-site hydroponics workshops are scheduled frequently and held in close proximity to existing grower operations throughout the USA. While the classroom workshop presentation content is consistent across workshops, there are some key benefits of grower site workshops and hydroponics classes.

    • The opportunity to observe, investigate and spend time in a working commercial greenhouse. The greenhouse structure and hydroponic growers systems will be consistent across locations. However, these greenhouses are individually owned and operated, so individual management methods may be present in the grower greenhouses. While you will be able to observe and investigate hydroponic systems in production operations, these are working greenhouses. This means that hands-on teaching of the techniques of hydroponic vegetable production will be limited to avoid interfering with or damaging our grower's livelihoods- their plants.
    • The presence of a current commercial hydroponic grower can provide you with more personal knowledge of beginning and operating a hydroponic vegetable greenhouse.
    • Varied locations around the US enable you to select the geographic region that is most appropriate. We schedule the hydroponics workshops to be held during times of the year when typical production is occurring. The geography of each location, though, will likely influence the crop age and some of the management methods that you will observe. So, you may be able to select a grower-site workshop in a similar climate and with a similar planting schedule that would be used in your area.

    All of these hydroponics classes and workshops will discuss hydroponic production of both leafy and vine crops, regardless of the specifics of the greenhouses that we visit. This information will be relevant to you no matter your location.

    Workshops Held at the CropKing Facility in Lodi, OH

    In addition to hydroponics workshops presented around the US to enable participants to experience a working CropKing greenhouse and meet current growers, we also present hydroponics workshops at our facility in Lodi, OH. As mentioned above, the hydroponics classes' presentation content will be consistent with grower site workshops. There are three key differences in the hydroponics classes held in Lodi that you should consider.

    • Size is capped at 16 attendees to enable more interaction with instructors, CropKing personnel and attendees.
    • Workshops hosted at our office/greenhouse facility allow participants to meet with members of our sales and technical team who are less able to participate in off-site workshops. So, if you would appreciate the opportunity to discuss business planning, design, or construction topics with our commercial sales team, the Lodi workshops are an excellent option.
    • Increased opportunity for hands-on experience because the CropKing Research/Teaching greenhouse has sections configured to enable planting, training, maintenance and harvesting techniques to be both demonstrated and practiced. So, if you are interested in fertilizer mixing, lettuce seeding and harvesting or more experience with tomato management, the Lodi location can offer more ‘plant time' than workshops visiting working commercial operations.

    It is our goal to offer workshop locations and activities that meet the needs of as many attendees as possible.  All hydroponics classes and workshops will discuss hydroponic production of both leafy and vine crops regardless of location.