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Technical Assistance

  • Technical Assistance Services

    What sets us apart in the industry of controlled environment agriculture is our customer service and desire to educate. In addition to supporting and assisting growers with our catalog of products, including everything in our hydroponic greenhouse packages, we also offer unmatched technical assistance. At CropKing, we want to understand your unique situation and provide the most appropriate solution(s).


    Technical Service Package

    Our technical service package is perfect for commercial growers that would benefit from receiving assistance from a company with over 35 years of experience in the controlled environment agriculture industry. Our technical team will help with your questions and operational needs for a period of 1-year via phone calls and emails. This is an excellent option for new growers, especially if you decide to purchase a complete commercial greenhouse package from us.


    Custom Fertilizer Recipe

    Hydroponic production omits soil as a growing medium, which removes a buffer that is often forgiving in the event that the pH or EC deviates from the optimal ranges. Many sources of water utilized for hydroponic production are not free of contaminants, so pre-mixed “one size fits all” fertilizers could damage crops. Having your water analyzed should be one of the first steps in your hydroponic journey. The report will tell you whether or not your water is suitable for hydroponic production and if it is, you will see that your water contains baseline concentrations of some ions and not others. There may also be carbonates and bicarbonates present that could affect your pH and how it must be adjusted. A custom fertilizer recipe will optimize crop production while minimizing costs for fertilizers and pH adjusters.


    Technical Phone Consultation/Support

    Some questions and ideas require careful consideration before coming to fruition. In events like this, it is best to speak to members of our staff with the expertise you desire. From in-depth engineering questions to designing a commercial microgreens operation, our expert technical staff is here to help.


    Interpretation of Tissue/Water/Fertilizer Solution Analysis

    Prevention can be an effective practice for producing a consistent and uniform crop. Tissue, water, and fertilizer solution analyses should help you determine whether or not your crop is healthy, your water has changed, and your fertilizers are at the appropriate concentrations. Developing a habit of requesting these reports should help you identify patterns and fine tune your production methods. Our technical staff can be an integral part of this process by interpreting the reports and explaining the results to assist with your growing operation.


    Site Visit

    We are capable of supervising construction, identifying issues, assisting with daily operations, and much more. These visits are often time sensitive and availability is limited. If you are interested in a site visit from one of our technical experts, be sure to speak with one of our staff members and discuss your needs and desired time frame.

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