Because of the importance of the pH in hydroponic solutions, we believe it is advisable to have an accurate and reliable means of determining the pH of the solution. This inexpensive pH testing kit is ideal for testing nutrient solutions for pH. It is used by many commercial growers and is often preferred over the more expensive pH meters that are available. The kit comes complete with an accurate Fisher pH Color Chart, Bottle and Eye-dropper, two glass testing vials, pH indicator solution, and instructions. Note: This is not like a swimming pool pH kit- the accuracy of this kit is far superior. The pH color chart consists of a number of transparent gelatin preparations showing the color of the solution at each pH division and each half divisions from 5.5 to 9.5. The gelatin color blocks are more accurate and easier to use than charts printed with colored ink.



    Measures dissolved solids (TDS) of fertilizer solutions and water. A required tool for monitoring injectors, and adjusting the concentration of nutrient solutions in sump tanks.

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