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Perfect Little Greenhouse

  • Perfect Little Greenhouse

    The dimensions of this greenouse are 10' x 12'.

    Growing your own Food is not only a fun hobby but is very REWARDING!  You can grow safe, healthy food in your own backyard! Finally a greenhouse structure made for residential applications but built with structural steel.  These little greenhouses can withstand snowy winters and high winds. This greenhouse is made of galvanized steel posts and other high quality components--It's the same stuff we use to make commercial greenhouses! The Perfect Little Greenhouse has many uses, from overwintering some of your cold sensitive potted plants, to growing healthy vegetables long before and long after the gardening season is over. The Perfect Little Greenhouse includes two different styles of hydroponic growing systems.  On the short side of the greenhouse there is an NFT growing system with three 8' growing channels for growing lettuces and herbs.  On the tall side of these little greenhouses, there is a Bato Bucket System for tomatoes, cucumbers, and larger fruiting plants.  It doesn't matter what kind of soil that you have in your backyard, you can grow highly nutritious vegetables.

    The energy costs for maintaining your Perfect Little Greenhouse Greenhouse are similar to those of operating a hot tub. What a better way to invest energy dollars-- producing food instead of maintaining a tub full of hot water.


    Complete Greenhouse Kit $4,695


    Your Complete Greenhouse Kit Includes:


    • The Greenhouse Structure: is manufactured by CropKing who has been building strong commercial greenhouses for over 30 years. Unlike the small greenhouses sold by many of the big box stores, this greenhouse will not twist and blow away with the first big wind. The steel frame is made of high grade structural steel which has "Gatorshield" galvanizing for a cost effective, strong, greenhouse frame to survive strong winds and heavy snow loads. There are four arches which come in two pieces for easier shipping and are placed on 4' centers. This greenhouse also features ground stakes, and three purlins that run the full length of the greenhouse. Also included are all of the needed connectors, hardware and brackets for attaching the end wall framing.
    • Entrance door is a high quality aluminum screen door with self-storing glass.
    • Greenhouse Covering: The center of the greenhouse is covered with two layers of greenhouse grade, 6 mil polyethylene plastic. A high quality inflation fan pumps air between the two layers. The two covers are locked down to the greenhouse frame with an aluminum "C" channel and wiggle wire. The pillow of air between the two layers of greenhouse plastic provide insulation and rigidity (helps keep the plastic from flapping during windy weather).
    • The front and back walls included in the greenhouse package consist of 8mm twin wall, rigid polycarbonate panels. "H" and "U" polycarbonate channel to join the sheets of poly carbonate panels together are included. Polycarbonate is strong, clear and impact resistant and comes with a 10-year warranty.
    • Heating System: Hot Dawg-Modine low profile overhead unit heater - Please indicate your fuel source - propane or natural gas
      • 80% thermal efficiency
      • Electrostatic polyester powder finish
      • TEIFC motors with vibration mounts
      • Large, easily accessible junction box
      • Hinged bottom access for easy service
      • Adjustable mounting brackets
    • Cooling System: Wet Wall, Exhaust Fan and Aluminum Shutters
      • Wet Wall with evaporative pads – These pad have water that trickles over them and then air is pulled through the pad. This evaporative cooling helps to lower the temperature of the greenhouse on hot days.
      • Exhaust fan – This is a greenhouse grade American Coolair with fan guard and a shutter This fan systems pull air from the back of the greenhouse through the evaporative wall in the back of the greenhouse and exhausts it through the fan on the opposite wall.
    • 8- Bucket Hydroponic Growing System for vine crops. This system will hold a variety of plants from peppers, tomatoes (two tomato plants fit in each bucket), cucumbers, squash and many more. Includes:
      • 1" Square Aluminum support stand
      • Adjustable feet for Leveling Feed and Drain Plumbing
      • 8 Bato Buckets with Elbows
      • Feed pump
      • Perlite growing media
      • Digital Timer
      • Complete assembly instructions
    • NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) Hydroponic Growing System (for leafy plants) includes:
      • 1" Square Aluminum Support Stand
      • Feed and Drain Plumbing
      • Three 8' Food-Grade PVC channels with covers which snap off for easy cleaning
      • Fitted End Caps for both ends of the channel (plain and spouted end for each channel)
      • Feed Pump
      • Adjustable Feet for Leveling the support stand
      • Assembly Instructions

    Here are some pictures from people who bought the Perfect Little Greenhouse

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