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Nutrient Injection Systems

  • CropKing's Nutrient Injection System allows growers to simplify their fertigation process by injecting concentrated fertilizer mixes into a main reservoir tank which is then pumped through the bato bucket feed lines. The system includes one two-headed bellows pump and one single-headed bellows pump. The two-headed bellows pump pulls fertilizer from two concentrate tanks, in which the fertilizer salts are split in order to prevent precipitates from forming. The bellows pump injects the concentrated fertilizer at predetermined ratios, often 1:100. The single-headed bellows pump holds concentrated acid, which is also added at a predetermined ratio in order to reach a target pH.

    The hydroponic Nutrient Injection System comes completely assembled and mounted on a steel frame. It is pressured tested before leaving our manufacturing facility. Two PVC union connectors are included, one at the water supply hookup and one coming off the injection pump. All electrical connections are clearly marked in the drip-proof control box. Complete electrical diagrams are provided with our hydroponics systems for sale. The fertigation system control panel features manual and automatic switches with indicator lights for all functions. The system is compatible with any type of 24-volt AC irrigation controller. The Nutrient injection system will supply up to 17 gpm at 24 psi of nutrient solution to the irrigation system with up to 4 irrigation zones. 

    Nutrient concentrate tanks must be purchased separately. 

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