iGrow 1400


    Greenhouse Environmental Manager

    The compact, highly versatile iGrow 1400 represents state of the art greenhouse automation. Using the 1400 model iGrow greenhouse controller you can easily integrate and control virtually every piece of equipment in your greenhouse, giving you powerful control of the heating, cooling, shading, venting, humidity and irrigation. All of these functions are integrated into one easy to use greenhouse automation system.  

    The iGrow1400 automated greenhouse system features 12 relay outputs, 2 alarm outputs, 8 sensor inputs, and manual override switches to control all your greenhouse equipment.  It has intelligent heating/cooling, humidity, CO2, shading, vent, bottom heat, HID lighting and irrigation control to create the perfect environment for your plants.

    Advanced features like 12 stages of heating/cooling, stage overrides, 4 setpoints that can be adjusted, flexible dehumidification control, heat boost, up to 30 day historical data storing, and smart irrigation make this the perfect controller for all your greenhouse needs.

    The iGrow 1400 comes in a watertight NEMA4 clear lockable enclosure to protect it from moisture and prevent rust. The iGrow 1400 is also the first controller of its kind to have a context-specific "HELP" button on the front panel to give you helpful hints as you use the controller. The greenhouse automation controller can be programmed or monitored via its own control panel, or through your computer (minimum Windows 2000 operating system) through the use of the optional iControl Software. A USB port makes it easy to connect your laptop to the iGrow greenhouse controller for programming, downloading historical information or trouble shooting. Should the need arise for analysis or troubleshooting, CropKing technical staff can access your iGrow greenhouse controller remotely once you grant access to the system.


    •  Enclosure is white, NEMA4, watertight case with clear lockable cover (9x9x4inch)
    •  12 relay outputs, all user-definable
    •  Mechanical interlock jumpers for adjacent channels
    •  Bus jumpers for wet contact outputs (e.g. 24VAC)
    •  Backlit graphical display
    •  Keypad for local programming
    •  2 alarm outputs-dry contacts- compatible with Sensaphone telephone autodialer
    •  8 analog sensor inputs
    •  4 serial communication channels
    •  11 digital inputs 
    •  Manual override switches and green LED status lights for each relay output
    •  Red LED alarm status lights
    •  Powered by 12 volt DC external power supply.