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    A Serious Hydroponic Greenhouse for Small Growers

    In partnership with Amelia's Farm

    The HydroShed greenhouse is a turnkey, ready-to-grow hydroponic greenhouse featuring professional-grade components in a backyard-sized footprint. It is a serious greenhouse for the small grower who wants big yields year round and comes complete with all of the systems, technology and materials needed for soilless growing.

    HydroShed is perfect for vining vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers), leafy vegetables (lettuce, basil, greens) and a large variety of fruits (strawberries, grapes, melons). This structure comes equipped for total climate control, so you can grow no matter what the weather.


    Why HydroShed?

    • Perfect for homeowners, restaurants and schools

    • 10'x12' footprint

    • American-made, high-grade structural steel frame

    • Commercial grade 6 mil polyethylene covering

    • Locking steel door

    • Wet wall with motorized shutters

    • Exhaust fan and vents

    • 8-bucket hydroponic growing system (up to 16 plants)

    • 3 tray NFT growing system (up to 36 plants)


    Fully Automated and Energy Efficient

    The HydroShed is simple to operate and maintain, leaving you time to enjoy the experience of growing. With optional automated watering and nutrient-injection systems, plant care becomes even easier. The greenhouse is designed to be energy efficient - from the high quality coverings that diffuse light to the energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that keep electrical costs to a minimum.


    Superior Technical Support and Service

    Other greenhouse suppliers simply sell you the greenhouse materials - and then you're on your own. Not CropKing! We've proudly supported and assisted our customers for over 35 years and we will give you all the answers and information you need, starting with an easy-to-follow blueprint and construction manual. You'll also have access to on-line support for immediate answers to any questions that may come up.


    A Profitable Greenhouse Business 

    The HydroShed greenhouse provides a convenient way for you to get a taste of the hydroponic growing business. If you ever decide to expand and go commercial, you'll be in good company. Many of our customers started with little experience and a smal greenhouse, and grew into a profitable business. There is an increasing demand for natural, pesticide-free vegetables that are locally grown and picked fresh. From farmers' markets to local grocery stores and national chains, our growers sell their produce in a variety of ways. What started as a personal interest could allow you to work close to home or together with your family; it's like getting paid to do something you would gladly do for free!


    $8,995 (excludes taxes, shipping & installation)


    Contact our sales staff for more information: 330-302-4203 or

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