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Hobby Greenhouses

  • Hobby Greenhouse Introduction

    Your Own Innovative, Hydroponic Garden

    CropKing's Hobby Greenhouse is the most innovative greenhouse system in the country. It's automated. Energy-efficient. Durable.


    And it even gives you the option of growing hydroponically (without soil) using the same techniques they use at Epcot Center in Orlando's Disney World. This allows you to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers under optimum growing conditions for optimum results without chemical -pesticides.


    Your Own Personal Space - Bathed In Sunlight, Surrounded by Plants and Flowers

    The Hobby Greenhouse actually adds another room to your home - a very special room - your own private garden retreat from everyday noise and stress. You walk in and your senses are bathed in light, aroma and color. You relax and putter with your plants. You check on your tomatoes or cucumbers. Or you simply sit and savor the sweet smells, the soft sunlight and the solitude…surrounded by nature. This wonderful spot is so close, yet it feels apart from your daily routine. It's a great place to relax and read a good book. Write a letter. Enjoy a cup of tea and a good conversation with a friend. Or even introduce children to the miracles of nature. Going into your greenhouse is like taking a mini-vacation to a tropical paradise, whether you spend a few hours or just a few minutes. Owning a greenhouse is an investment in things that are important to you - your enjoyment of nature, your peace of mind…and even your family's health.


    An Important Investment In Your Family's Health - All Year Long

    We know that eating lots of fresh, natural vegetables is good for us. Some can even help prevent diseases like cancer. And yet, it's still hard to get into the fresh vegetable habit! This is especially true in the off-season, when so many vegetables in stores are either tasteless (because they've been picked green and shipped thousands of miles) or sprayed with pesticides! But with a Hobby Greenhouse, you can have delicious, vine-ripened, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers on your table, year round, even in winter. And if you use CropKing's Carefree Garden's innovative system for growing vegetables hydroponically, without soil, you can avoid chemical pesticides and soil-borne diseases. This method lets you grow your produce under optimum growing conditions for optimum results. With fresh, delicious vegetables always nearby, you'll use them more often in meals. And because they have that just-picked-from-the-garden taste, your family will enjoy eating them! Staying in the fresh vegetable habit can help protect your health for a lifetime…a wonderful gift to give your family and yourself! And you're not limited to vegetables. You can also grow fresh herbs, flowers, raspberries, shiitake mushrooms or fresh pollution-free fish in specially designed tanks! You can let your imagination grow wild!


    Fully Automated and Energy Efficient

    Part of the reason you'll enjoy puttering around in your greenhouse so much, is that it's so simple to operate and maintain. In fact, operating the Hobby Greenhouse is a pleasure. The automated watering and nutrient-injection systems make it easy to care for your plants - leaving you free to simply enjoy your greenhouse. And the Greenhouse is designed to be very energy efficient - from the high quality coverings that diffuse light so that it spreads around and under the leaves of plants for maximum efficiency to the energy-efficient heating and cooling systems that keep electrical costs to a minimum.


    All The Answers You Need

    Other greenhouse suppliers simply sell you the greenhouse materials - and then you're on your own. Not CropKing! We've been supporting and assisting greenhouse farmers for three decades. We'll give you all the answers and information you need. For starters, you'll receive an easy-to-follow blueprint and construction manual. Plus, you'll -always have access to on-line support for immediate answers to any questions that may come up.


    Getting A Taste of A Profitable Greenhouse Business 

    The Hobby greenhouse provides a convenient way for you to get a taste of the greenhouse business. If you ever decide to expand and go commercial, you'll be in good company. Hundreds of our clients are already doing it - running their own profitable greenhouse farm -businesses. And many of them never farmed before! Today, there is a great demand for natural, pesticide-free vegetables that are locally grown and picked fresh. Our growers tell us they sell everything they can produce to local grocery stores and chains. So your greenhouse farm could eventually provide a second income. Or, if you keep expanding, you might even do what so many others have done: quit your job and go into greenhouse farming - full-time. Just imagine. You could be your own boss. Work close to home, even work together with your family. And build up a business that supports you even in retirement - a business you could pass on to your children. It's like getting paid to do something you would gladly do for free!