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Fodder and Microgreens


    Fodder is defined as "plant material, usually leaves and stems" however, when it is grown hydroponically even the roots can be consumed by the animal. As a grass plant matures, its nutrient availability is more dramatically reduced. These young, tender, 7-8 day old plants are highly nutritious full of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins for your herd. 

    Our unique hydroponic fodder growing trays are designed to produce nutritious forage using a 7-8 day cycle. It is possible to turn 1 pound of barley seed into 7 pounds of living forage, allowing you to harvest a large amount of high quality, protein and enzyme rich hydroponic fodder on a daily basis. With as little as 20 minutes of labor, you can produce up to 210 pounds of hydroponic fodder sprouts a day. Each galvanized steel-supported system also includes all necessary plumbing, submersible pump, timer and detailed operational instructions. These hydroponic fodder trays can be recirculating or drain-to-waste compatible, making growing your own fodder a breeze!



    Intensely flavored greens have become the new thing for many of the country's top chefs. Chefs can cut their own microgreens fresh for any dish, adding vibrant taste and color.

    Microgreens are tiny plants with only their first leaves developed. Harvested at 8-14 days, they are smaller and more tender than baby lettuces, yet more robust and flavorful! They are delicious and ideal for enhancing salads or as a garnish. Ask any chef or food connoisseur and you'll hear the excitement, the praise and the rave reviews about microgreens and microgreen growing.

    CropKing's Microgreen growing system utilizes a controlled environment combined with reliable, efficient methods of growing that use less labor and water.

    CropKing microgreen trays are sold as 4-level racks with the drain and feed plumbing included, essentially a modified NFT system with 10 inch wide trays, they are incredibly versatile. Many growers are adding the microgreen growing rack to their greenhouse by tying into their NFT system.


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