TUFFLITE INFARED (TES) and TUFFLITE CLEAR (TIV) Greenhouse Covering System

    Combining a layer of TIV film with a layer of TES film and adding a small blower to keep an air space between the two layers is an excellent greenhouse covering system. Tufflite is a high-quality, high-tech film designed specifically for greenhouse use. The Tes (inner layer) combines both the Drip-Less feature and an additive that will delay the exit of infrared waves from the greenhouse. Tufflite greenhouse film contains an ultraviolet block and is chemical resistant and dust resistant. The TIV greenhouse film diffuses the incoming light alleviating most of the shadows and allowing the light can get in, around and even under the leaves of plants. Tufflite greenhouse film contains an ultra violet block and is chemical resistan. Tufflite greenhouse plastic sheeting is extremely strong and will resist even hail stones, it has a 4-year warranty and stands up to 4 years of being bombarded with UV light. These greenhouse covering systems should be replaced after 4 years for best results of light transmission into the house.   

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