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    Evaporative Cooling Pads are 4 to 6 inches thick, 12 inches wide with height increments every 12 inches from 24 to 96 inches. For the evaporative cooling system ensure that the Evap Pads are positioned adjacent to each other to form a continuous pad of the required height and length. The Evap Pads are made of specially formulated cellulose paper, impregnated with insoluble anit-rot salts, stiffening saturants and wetting agents. 4 inch Evaporative Pads up to 48 inch tall and 6 inch Evaporative Pads up to 72 inch tall are self-supporting, and therefore they do not require wire baskets or other supporting materials. The pads are held in place by component parts of the system. Tall evaporative cooling pad system supports are required on 4 inch pad systems over 48 inch tall and 6 inch pad systems over 72 inch tall.

    • Completely self-contained
    • Sump included
    • Energy Efficient cooling 
    • Custom designs available



    The pumps are sized for the system to supply at least 1/2 gallon of water per minute per linear foot of pad system. The integral PVC sump and trough hold an adequate water supply of systems  up to 60 feet long and 8 feet high.



    The water distribution systems for both PVC and Aluminum designs are composed of the water distribution pipe cover, water return trough, water filter, float and volume control valves and various parts and fasteners.

    Call to order: 330-302-4203

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