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Free Introduction to CropKing Video

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CropKing's introduction video helps you choose your greenhouse size; the type of greenhouse, whether it is free standing or gutter connect and your growing system, NFT system or Bato Bucket system.

Take some time to learn about:

CropKing's Founder
What CropKing can provide for you
Many CropKing Grower Testimonials
CropKing's Greenhouse Structures
What is a CropKing Freestanding Greenhouse
What is a CropKing Gutter Connect Greenhouse
Growing Method: NFT
Growing Method: Bato Buckets

CropKing provides complete packages that include Computerized Environmental Systems for your heating and cooling, Automated Nutrient Delivery System and your Growing System for NFT or Bato Bucket.

Cropking's NFT system includes channel with top and end caps, nutrient delivery and return system, NFT fertroller system, nutrient tanks, seedling nursery and support tables.

Cropking's Bato Bucket system includes bato buckets with 2 plants in each bucket, nutrient delivery and return system, NFT fertroller system, nutrient tanks and plant support.

CropKing recommends that new growers attend a Grower Workshop at our headquarters in Lodi, OH. A combination of classroom and hands-on learning will prepare you for the years ahead as a hydroponic grower.

You will meet ordinary people who fulfilled their dreams by operating their own hydroponic greenhouse farms. You will listen to farmers who have diversified to provide a more secure cash flow...people who have made career changes from corporations and are operating a greenhouse for the very first time.


There is a $4.95 shipping and handling charge.

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