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Cooling and Ventilation

  • Greenhouse Air Cooling System

    CropKing uses the fan and pad cooling method as their greenhouse cooling system. A Glacier-Cor Evaporative Wet Wall Pad, including self-contained water distribution system(no sump tank needed) is on the south end of the house. With this greenhouse cooling system, the cooled air is pulled through the house and is exhausted on the North end via American CoolAir exhaust fans (2) per bay or unit including slant wall housing, fan guards, aluminum shutters, motors and necessary hardware.

    Power Vent Door

    When the fan switch on an automatic vent door with aluminum extruded framing, gear driven motor with limit switch opens on the south end of the house. It is covered with polycarbonate and included the related hardware. The opening and closing of Power Vent door controlled by the iGrow 1400 environmental control system.

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