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    CropKing's NFT channels are easy to use and easy to clean, while excluding light to reduce algae buildup in the growing system. A unique feature of our NFT hydroponic channel is the removable lid or top cap for ease of cleaning and harvesting. End caps cover both ends of the channel keeping out the light and thus preventing algae growth resulting from sunlight contacting the nutrient solution in the channel. Hydroponic channels are constructed from food grade, UV stabilized plastic for safety and long life in the greenhouse. Lids snap or slide on and remain secure until they need to be removed for harvesting and cleaning. A slight "v" in the bottom of the channel directs the nutrient solution down the center of the channel to insure all plants receive the necessary nutrients. In addition to the leafy crop production channel, we also produce a 10" wide channel useful for leafy crop seedling production as well as fodder and microgreens production.

    • Manufactured using non- toxic food grade plastics
    • Lids remain secure, yet are easily removed for cleaning
    • The tops are pre-punched to save you hours of drilling
    • Standard holes in the top caps are square to accept a 1" seedling cube--no need to use net pots
    • Custom lids are available with a minimum order of 200 pieces or more
    • Channel is available in standard lengths of 4', 8',10', and 12' with top cap available in 4' and 5' lengths corresponding to channel length.

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