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    BiOWiSH™-Hydroponic is an organic enzymatic additive that stimulates microbial activity in hydroponic systems, helping to increase micronutrient uptake in plants and improve plant vigor. Developed for the protected cropping and hydroponics industries, BiOWiSH™-Hydroponic enzymes also prevents sludge build-up and problematic scaling in dripper lines, micro-tubes and Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) gulley floors. Biowish BiOWiSH™ technology creates a composite biocatalyst that enhances biochemical reactions more quickly than available alternatives, and performs effectively in a wide range of environmental conditions. Derived from a proprietary manufacturing process, the robust blend of biocatalysts enhances the beneficial role of microbial activity to break down organic matter and increase nutrient availability.

    Read the recent case study at Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center

    BiOWISH Hydroponic Enzyme Benefits

    • Improves yield
    • Improves plant vigor
    • Reduces growth time, more harvests per year
    • Improves nutrient availability
    • Improves consistency across harvest
    • Improves root development
    • Improves budding
    • Promotes longevity of flowering
    • Increase storage life of produce
    • Stimulates microbial activity
    • WSDA Registered
    • Certified for organic food production by WSDA

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