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Bato Bucket Systems & Supplies

    Bato Bucket System

    Cropking's Bato Bucket hydroponic system is designed for growing vine crops- tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, and peppers. The hydroponic buckets have a 2.9 gallon capacity (11 liter) and measure 12"- long, 10"-wide, and 9"-high. Our system design staggers the hydroponic buckets along a PVC drain line that is pre-drilled on 16" centers.  This configuration can be custom drilled for different crops, which require more or less space. The hydroponic buckets are also reusable which can make them a money saver over disposable grow bags. Included with each bucket are two "elbows" that allow for a small reservoir of the freshest nutrients to pool in the bottom of the bucket.  These elbows are designed to allow excess nutrient solution to drain away while preventing root growth from clogging the drain line. 


    CropKing's Nutrient Injector System

    Many different types of growing media will work well in a Bato bucket hydroponic system, but CropKing recommends the use of  ag-grade perlite because of its wicking properties and  good airflow around the roots of the plants. The plants are fed or fertilized by the CropKing custom designed Nutrient Injection System, The source water (your well water, cistern, rain water, etc) is  injected with concentrated nutrient solution from the two fertilizer concentrate tanks and pH adjustment from the third concentrate tank and then on out to the Bato buckets through the feed plumbing.  The plants are fed  on scheduled intervals based on the season and the maturity of the crop. CropKing can design a feed regiment specifically for your crop. CropKing's commercial Bato Bucket System includes a Nutrient Injection System and the feed plumbing from the Bato hydroponic Buckets including the feed lines,spaghetti tube, pressure compensated emitters and the barbed stake guides, dripping the nutrients directly to the roots of each plant.

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