When vine crop production is the goal, CropKing recommends the use of the Bato Bucket system or Dutch Bucket Bato system. This type of system is an investment in the future of your business, every aspect of bucket system hydroponics is of the highest quality and built to last. Unlike other throw away; disposable systems, you will get many years of use from our bucket system hydroponics. The Bato bucket offers quality as well as security when growing your high value crops, each bucket is formed with a small reservoir to avoid drowning or starving your plants, and since they are made from high-quality UV resistant plastic you can reuse the same bucket for years to come.

    One of the most versatile and simple systems to use in the greenhouse. This Bato bucket system allows for great flexibility in layout and in the variety of plants that can be grown in it - tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, squash, pole beans and eggplant to name a few.

    The Buckets hold the media in which the plants grow and they can be positioned to provide the plant spacing required for the crop being grown. CropKing's bucket system hydroponics uses perlite filled buckets. Each bucket has a bottom reservoir providing nutrients to the plants between feedings. Excess nutrient solution is conducted away from the plants via the drain line that all the buckets sit on. Fertilizer solution is delivered to the buckets through the injection system, a feed line, emitters, emitter lines and stabilizer stakes. An iGrow computer is used to activate the delivery system on a desired schedule.

    Standard Bato Bucket Greenhouse Packages Include 

    Greenhouse Structure

    CropKing's greenhouse frames are made of galvanized steel.

    • Freestanding Unit- Gothic shape with a peak in the center for the higher strength in the snow load areas, with a 15 lb rating. It is also rated for an 80 mph wind load. This unit has arches on 4' spacing with ground stakes, couplers, five purlins, wind braces, connectors, hardware and 2 x 4 end wall brackets for attaching the end wall studs. Black vapor barrier, embossed steel clad entrance door with aluminum casing with blueprints included.

    • Gutter Connect Unit- Frame of galvanized steel, with 10' high extruded aluminum gutter, column posts on 8' centers, bows on 4' centers, three purlins, wind braces, connecting hardware, also includes QuickLock poly lock for attaching covers to gutters. Embossed steel clad entrance door with aluminum casing included (one door for up to 4 bays). Black vapor barrier with blueprints included. Rated for a 20 lb snow load and 90 mph wind load.

    Plant Support

    Necessary for the support of vine crops.  Each tomato plant when it is in the fruiting stage can weigh in excess of 35 lbs.  The Plant Support includes steel support posts, wire cables, cable clamps, eyebolts and the necessary hardware to mount accordingly.

    Greenhouse Covering

    The greenhouse is covered with two layers of 4-year greenhouse film-one IR for insulation and one UVA for even light disbursement.  An air inflation fan keeps a constant insulating layer of air between the two covers. The cover package includes the aluminum cover locks to attach the covers to the frame, ends of the arches and around the perimeter .  CropKing includes 8mm, solar grade, rigid polycarbonate to cover the end wall where the cooling pads are located (usually the South end wall) and automatic cooling door.  Also included are the necessary "H" and "U" channel to keep moisture out of the polycarb and Tek screw fasteners. The North end wall covering is not included and we recommend that this wall be insulated and sided with the customer's choice of siding.

    Cooling System

    CropKing bucket system hydroponics use the fan and pad cooling method, an energy efficient type of "swamp cooler" where water trickles over a pad and air is pull through that pad by large exhaust fans located in the other end of the greenhouse.  This Glacier-Cor Evaporative Wet Wall Pad System includes a self-contained water distribution system(no sump tank needed).  The cooled air is pulled through the house using high quality American CoolAir exhaust fans.  Two fans per greenhouse bay, The American Coolair Fans inclued slant wall housing, fan guards, aluminum shutters, motors and the installation hardware.

    Power Vent Door

    When the American Coolair exhaust fans are called for, a custom CropKing  automatic vent door with aluminum framing and a gear driven motor (with limit switch) opens up on the south end of the greenhouse. This automated door is covered with rigid, solar polycarbonate and includes the related mounting hardware. The opening and closing the motorized vent door is controlled by the iGrow 1400 environmental controller.

    Air Circulating System

    Jet fan system(one per unit) with motorized intake shutter, housing, heat inlet kit, and hardware. Pre-punched poly air tube runs the length of the house to distribute the heat evenly along the whole length of the greenhouse. Supoort wire and tube hangers are  included to hang the vent tube down the peak of the greenhouse.

    Overhead Unit Heaters

    Each bay or unit includes two Modine PDP High Efficiency unit heaters (10 year limited warranty) with 180 degree rotating power exhauster and aluminized steel heat exchanger and burner. Galvanized steel heater hangers are included.  

    Computerized Environmental Controls

    iGrow 1400 control system with a on screen programming, power supply, 12 outlets, 12 LED status display indicators, temperature and humidity sensor. Unit/units are mounted on painted plywood and they are prewired to the electrical panel for ease of installation. The iGrow offers accurate operation of the cooling system, vents, irrigation, and CO2.  With the addition of "slave units" the iGrow can be expanded allowing for separte environmental zone controls. For an additional fee of $1095.00, software is available that allows for remote monitoring and programming at a host computer. Using a host computer, is it posible to store and download historical and realtime date as well as make programming changes. (See *iGrow Remote Access software below)

    Electrical Panel

    CropKing supplies a pre-wired electrical panel tailored to each greenhouse system.  The panel is a single phase, 60 Hz, main breaker panel box with breakers, relay control panel, control relay, labeled terminal strip equipment connections, GFI receptacle, duplex receptacle mounted on a painted plywood board. The iGrow controller/s are programmed and mounted to the electric panel board for ease of start-up. Note: Please check with the local electric codes. CropKing uses UL listed components in the panel, but some codes may require a UL listed panel and they are available for an additional cost and can be quoted on a per project basis.

    Grower Tech Service Program

    CropKing technical support is what sets us apart  in the industry.  We realize that our success is based on having successful customers and that is why we developed our technical support package. This tech package includes attendance of two people at our grower's school.  We also include industry books on hydroponics and a special fertilizer recipe based on your water analysis, This tech package includes CropKings Advanced Cultural Practices DVD and Advanced Fruit Load Management DVD, plus access to our Support Technicians via both phone and email. Being able to ask our technicians your specific questions and send pictures of your crop are invaluable assets to any new grower.  

    Bato Bucket Growing System

    The Bato Bucket system is suitable for larger, fruiting crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and peppers.   The buckets are filled with agricultural grade perlite as a growing media.  Perlite is clean and has an excellent capability for absorbing water, but most importantly; will still allowing for good air movement around the roots of the plants.  The buckets are made of a tan colored plastic rather than black, to prevent the root zone from absorbing too much heat on a hot, sunny day.  The buckets have an integrated drainage system combined with a reservoir in the bottom of each Bato Bucket.  The buckets are irrigated by an automatic Nutrition Delivery System.  This nutrient delivery system combines nutrients from two concentrate tanks- A (micro nutrients) and B (calcium nitrate), as well as a third pH control concentrate tank into one central mixing tank and then distributed to the plants via a main nutrient feed header, T connectors for feed lines, CNL drip emitters, plugs, stakes, feeder tubes, punch, fittings and hardware.  The bato bucket system includes buckets, drain wells and pre-drilled (on 16" centers) drain pipe and fittings.

    Testing and Miscellaneous Equipment

    Myron AG-5 Conductivity DS Meter, TDS Conductivity Standard (1/2 pint) Fisher pH test kit, Sensaphone Model 1104, Sensaphone Remote Temperature Sensor, nutrient mixing pump, Mini-Max Thermometer(2), Pollinator with 6V battery and charger and pocket sling psychrometer.

    Growing Supplies

    Estimated one year supply of Hydroponic fertilizer  based on your water sample, perlite growing media, 1.5" Rockwool cubes, tomato seeds Bato Bobbin Plant Layering System, propagation mats with thermostats, vine clips, truss hooks, Greenshield, Pre-Tom, Insect Monitoring Sticky Strips, and even bee hives for plant polination,  Getting your fertilizer with your greenhouse shipment can help to save on redundant freight costs.

    Additional Add On Options 

    Floor Heating System

    In concrete, hot water floor heating systen with a RayPak Boiler™ with seperated combustion package, pre-assembled primary boiler loop with boiler circulation pump. Includes a boiler performance package, air and water controls, boiler venting package, safety controls and guages, system matched step-down gas regulator, pipe thermometers with gauges and water treatment for charging the system. Optional 4-way mixing valve available to maximize efficiency and extend life of the boiler.

    CO2 Enrichment and Control System

    Johnson CO2 generator, one per bay or unit, electronic remote CO2 monitor with control package pre-wired and programmed into the iGrow 1400 environmental controller.

    Shade Cloth

    40% white exterior shade cloth including cable tie down kit and shade cloth quick clips. Note: 50% white shade or Aluminet are available at additional cost for deep south applications.

    Insect Exclusion System

    Extends the south end of the greenhouse by 8 ft. This additional 8' of greenhouse is covered with NO-Thrip Insect Screening. This "screen room" covers the power vent door and does not allow insects to be pulled through the wet wall into the greenhouse. An additional door is included for access into the extension for maintenance of the wet wall. Also included is an additional entrance door and air curtain to turn a customer supplied head house into an air-locked greenhouse entry reducing the chance of insects entering through the main entrance of greenhouse.

    Bato Bucket Hydroponic System Complete Package Pricing



    30' x 128'

    Gutter Connect

    44' x 128'

    2 Bay

    Gutter Connect

    88' x 128'

    4 Bay

    Gutter Connect

    176' x 128'

    8 Bay

    Tomato Plants

    870 1,440 2,880 5,760


    Plant Support, and Cover

    $ 12,213 $ 29,645 $ 52,220

    $ 97,370

    Heating and Cooling

    Environmental Controls

    Electrical Panel

    Technical Support

    $ 16,718 $ 26,474 $ 41,728 $ 73,215

    Bato Growing System

    $ 7,940 $ 9,995 $ 15,618 $ 28,099

    Testing Equipment and

    Growing Supplies

    $ 8,592 $ 11,295 $ 20,037 $ 36,439

    Standard Package Total

    $ 45,526 $ 77,409 $ 129,603 $ 235,123

    Additional Options


    Floor Heating System

    $ 12,585 $ 13,583 $ 21,735 $ 45,899

    CO2 Enrichment

    and Control System

    $ 1,136 $ 1,830 $ 3,290 $ 6,209

    Shade Cloth

    $ 755 $ 1,995 $ 3,345 $ 6,052

    Insect Exclusion System

    $ 3,153 $ 5,122 $ 7,693 $ 12,865


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