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Bato Bucket Package Structure

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CropKing's greenhouse frames are made of galvanized steel.

Freestanding Unit

Gothic shape with a peak in the center for the higher strength in the snow load areas ( 15 lb snow load). It is rated for a 80 mph wind load. This unit has arches on 4' spacing with ground stakes, couplers, five purlins, wind braces, connectors, hardware and 2 x 4 end wall brackets for attaching the end wall studs. Black vapor barrier, embossed steel clad entrance door with aluminum casing with blueprints included.

Gutter Connect Unit

Frame of galvanized steel, with 10' high extruded aluminum gutter, column posts on 8' centers, bows on 4' centers, three purlins, wind braces, connecting hardware, also includes QuickLock poly lock for attaching covers to gutters. Embossed steel clad entrance door with aluminum casing included (one door for up to 4 bays). Black vapor barrier with blueprints included. Rated for a 20 lb snow load and 90 mph wind load.

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