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5 Reasons to Invest in a Greenhouse

Posted by Cropking on 1/9/2018

Health conscious eaters have spurred a revitalized interest in where and how food is grown. Customers want to know more about controlled environment agriculture (CEA) and how it works. There is no better time to invest in a greenhouse and here are some of the reasons why.

Greenhouse Cleaning & Sanitizing

Posted by Cropking on 12/14/2017

The 2017 growing season here in Lodi is now a wrap, but that doesn’t mean the work is finished. The time between crops can prove to be paramount to the success of the following season. Every grower should take the opportunity afforded by an empty house to perform yearly maintenance tasks, update equipment as needed, and clean and sanitize the greenhouse. 

CropKing Workshop Program Expansion

Posted by Cropking on 11/20/2017

Having found success offering two-day, monthly workshops through its Grower’s School, Lodi, Ohio-based CropKing expanded the program with a Five Day Intensive Workshop.

Is Organic Labelling Something the Hydroponic Industry Needs?

Posted by Cropking on 11/9/2017

In an extremely close vote Nov. 1, the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board made a decision on a controversial issue: can hydroponically grown crops be certified organic? The answer, by an 8-7 margin, was yes. With the vote out of the way, the NOSB will now have to make recommendations on how the hydroponic industry can be governed under the organic label. However, as both organic and hydroponic agriculture adjust to the board’s decision, a simple question looms in the air, “Is organic the best path forward for hydroponically grown crops?”

Q&A: Supplemental lighting

Posted by Cropking on 11/1/2017

Many produce growers view greenhouse structures and hydroponic growing methods as improvements upon the volatile elements of working outdoors in soil. These structures and systems provide growers with the ability to control environmental factors and produce consistent yields year-round.

How CropKing NFT Channels Compare

Posted by Cropking on 10/23/2017

CropKing’s many years of research and growing experience have helped us determine the best equipment and growing methods for a variety of crops. When the goal is to produce high quality lettuce and herb crops, we recommend the NFT channel system. This recirculating system efficiently reduces water and fertilizer usage while maximizing production space. This growing system is an investment in the future of your business and every component is of the highest quality.

1. Materials & Assembly

Organic Media Production with Ellepot

Posted by Cropking on 10/16/2017

CropKing is offering a 100 percent biodegradable organic media option — 60 percent peat, 30 percent coco and 10 percent perlite — wrapped in Ellepot membrane, says Dante D’Avello, a CropKing tech who comes from an aquatic biology background.

Many customers in the market desire organic media options, D’Avello says. CropKing has seen a continued demand from producers who want to be certified organic, for an organic option that works well in NFT and other hydroponic production systems.

Early Ground Shipping

Posted by Cropking on 10/9/2017
Greenhouse foundation

Autumn is the time of year when growers might prepare to expand existing structures or erect new greenhouses. It is important to begin these projects sooner rather than later because freezing temperatures can make establishing the base of a greenhouse increasingly expensive and time consuming.

Battling Botrytis

Posted by Cropking on 10/2/2017
Botrytis cinerea

Disease pressure in an environmentally controlled hydroponic greenhouse is minimal compared to field conditions, but the threat is never completely eliminated. If growers don’t keep a watchful eye on the internal climate, diseases could proliferate rapidly and even devastate the crop.

pH Should Stand for Plant Health!

Posted by Cropking on 7/18/2017

Plants are critical in our daily lives and many people take them for granted. We feed ourselves with plants, we feed our food with plants, we breath the oxygen from plants, they “breathe” our carbon dioxide, they keep the soil strong, and they do a lot more than what I can fit in this article. Bottom line: they are critical to our survival. Shouldn’t we respect plants as much we respect ourselves? Plants deserve to be just as healthy as we do, but they need some help from us!


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