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January 2014

Beefsteak Cultivar Trials- Part 2 (The Numbers)

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•This evaluation was carried out both to increase our knowledge
of several available beefsteaks and to provide information for
growers who may be considering these tomato cultivars.
Cultivars were obtained from a variety of seed suppliers to
represent a broad selection.
•Ten cultivars were trialed in small 4-plant blocks with two replications.
•The whole evaluation was completed in one row of a 22’ x 64’ x 10’ greenhouse
•Seeded 12/18 (All seedlings)
•Transplanted 1/14 (~ 4 ft2 per plant)
•First harvest 4/8
•Growing point removal 11/11
•Last harvest occurred on 12/16
•Data analyzed with Proc GLM and means difference letters calculated by LSD (different letters represent
statistically different cultivar averages)

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