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February 2013

An Introduction to the Process of Grafting in Greenhouse Tomatoes- Part 1

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CropKing Admin
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grafted Hydroponic Tomatoes

Grafting sounds interesting, so where should I begin?In the last blog post, we discussed some of the basics of grafting and the main reasons that growers would be interested in the technique. It is no surprise that over the last few decades, the use of grafting has become quite prevalent in greenhouse tomato production. While the benefits are intriguing for small to mid-scale producers, decisions related to acquiring grafted seedlings must be made.The two broad options are to purchase grafted seedlings or to produce all the seedlings needed in your operation on your own. Seedling purchase and transport costs can be quite high in some instances. So, producing grafts for your own operation is a viable option. It also provides the opportunity to trial a limited number of grafted plants or test different cultivars. There is certainly a learning curve for producing grafted plants, though. So, I would suggest starting by only planning to graft a small portion of your crop the first year to become familiar with the process and it potential benefits in your operation.

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