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November 2012

Cultivar Report 12.1- Butterhead Trial

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Hydroponic lettuce production in the United States now encompasses a wide spectrum of lettuce types and cultivars. Producers desire both attractive and distinctive crop cultivars to meet consumer demand, but consistency in both productivity and timing is still a key in the industry. Many facets of hydroponic lettuce production are impacted by seasonal conditions. One of the most important environmental impact of season is the growth rate of the plant. Growth rate is the driver of productivity and determines crop timing and the number of crops a grower can produce each year. Additionally, crop quality aspects, such as coloration and physiological defects (tipburn) are often influenced by seasonal conditions. Therefore, trialing of available varieties under differing environmental conditions as influenced by seasons are important in informing grower decisions. The goal of this set of trials was to evaluate a selection of bibb lettuce cultivars through a range of late summer to mid-winter conditions to evaluate their potential for growers producing fall to winter. Cultivars were obtained from a variety of seed suppliers to represent a broad selection of bibb cultivars available to US lettuce producers.

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