Vine Crops in Bato Buckets

When vine crop production is the goal, CropKing recommends the use of the Bato Bucket or Dutch Bucket Bato bucketsystem. This type of system is an investment in the future of your business, every aspect of the growing system is the highest quality and built to last. Unlike other throw away, cheap systems you will get many years of use from this system. The Bato bucket system offers quality as well as security when growing your high value crops. Each bucket is formed with a small reservoir to ensure your plants always have the appropriate amount of nutirent solution. Since they are made from high quality UV resistant plastic you can reuse the same bucket for years to come.

Young TomatoesOne of the most versatile and simple systems to use in the greenhouse. This system allows for great flexibility in layout and in the variety of plants that can be grown in them - tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, squash, pole beans and eggplant to name a few.

The Buckets hold the media in which the plants grow and they can be positioned to provide the plant spacing required for the crop being grown. CropKing uses perlite filled buckets. Each bucket has a bottom reservoir providing nutrients to the plants between feedings. Excess nutrient solution is conducted away from the plants via the drain line that all the buckets sit on. 
Fertilizer solution is delivered to the buckets through the injection system, a feed line, emitters, emitter lines and stabilizer stakes. An iGrow computer is used to activate the delivery system on a desired schedule.

Small Tomatoe Plants

 Valuable Aspects:
Hydroponics saves water, does not waste land, more production in less acreage and can be pesticide free.
   •   No Soilborne Disease
   •   Uses up to 1/10 of the water used in field produce
   •   Extended growing season

Ripening Tomatoes 

 How Hydroponics Produces a Premium Crop:
   •   The controlled environment 
   •   High grade nutrients and precise control of the nutrient feed ratios
   •   Vine ripening
   •   The lack of herbicides and pesticides

 Arial View

Hydroponic tomatoes have great flavor because they are vine ripened and locally grown....

 Locally grown:
Most small growers sell their produce within 150 miles radius of their greenhouse to provide the community with freshest product.

   First Lowering

CropKing has many different sizes Bato Bucket systems. Complete commercial packages are available in sizes ranging from 30'x128' to multi-bay gutter connect greenhouses.

Please choose a size below for pricing and items included in the greenhouse package.

Hydroponic Vine Crops
Bay Dimensions Crop Capacity
Crop Capacity
30' x 128' Freestanding unit 870 plants 435 plants
2-Bay gutter connect
44' x 128'
1,440 plants 720 plants
4-Bay gutter connect
88' x 128'
2,880 plants 1,440 plants
8-Bay gutter connect
176' x 128'
5,760 plants 2,880 plants

Wrapped VinesGreenhouse System Pricing Sheet is available in one document, that can be printed using Adobe PDF format. Click Here (238 KB)




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Tomato Grower Testimony
What a great experience, from the training school, to the construction of the hydroponic tomato greenhouse, to the first crop, and to a very successful market. CropKing has exceeded our expectations every step of the way. The many phone calls to Cropking... we were made to feel as an important partner and client. We were led through all phases of the growing process. When we had questions or problems CropKing was just a call away. The problems were very few and resolved quickly with the sound advice and expertise. The tomatoes are a hit at out local grower's only farmers market and at a roadside stand we have acquired. The return on the investment has far exceeded our expectation and should only get better as we improve in our production skills. It does give us security knowing CropKing is there if we need them in the future.  
Bill and Jim, Missouri

 Tomato plants

You may want to consider coming to one of our Two Day Grower Workshops to learn how to grow hydroponic produce. The cost of the workshop is fully refundable from the purchase price of one of the above packages!


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