Growing Mushrooms Kits

Mushroom Hobby Kits

Want to grow some specialty mushrooms in your home? CropKing now offers over 10 different ready to grow hobby mushroom patches. We have kits for growing both indoors and outdoors.

Mushroom Grow Bags containing growing media inoculated with mushroom spawn. The white material inside the bags is the "mycelium", which has "colonized" the growing media. These bags are kept in the "spawn room" until fully colonized, then moved into the grow-out room.

Rows of Mushroom Grow Bags beginning their first "flush". Oyster mushrooms begin to grow through holes in the poly bag and form a cluster. Temperature and humidity conditions are kept just right in the Grow Room to encourage proper growth patterns.


These Oyster mushroom "clusters" are ready for harvest. These are the yellow variety. We have also grown pink, blue, gray, and brown varieties. Shitake mushroom are also being grown in a similar manner. They take somewhat longer than the oyster mushrooms but can sell for a higher price. There is a great demand for both!

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At the heart of our systems is the Mushroom Steam Pasteurizer which uses aerated steam to cook the mushroom growing media. This innovative machine eliminates much of the heavy lifting and dangers of other methods of pasteurizing the mushroom media.

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