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...take them or leaf them

Intensively flavored greens have become the new thing for many of the country's top chefs. Chefs could cut their own microgreens fresh for any dish.

Microgreens are tiny plants with only their first leaves developed. Harvested at 8-14 days, they are smaller and more tender than baby lettuces, yet more robust and flavorful! They are delicious and ideal for enhancing salads or as a garnish. Ask any chef or food connoisseur and you'll hear the excitement, the praise and the rave reviews of Microgreens.

CropKing's Microgreen growing system utilizes a controlled environment combined with reliable, efficient methods of growing that use less labor and water.

CropKing microgreen trays are sold as 6-level racks with the drain and feed plumbing. Many growers are adding the Microgreens rack to their greenhouse by tying into their NFT system.

Considering tying in the microgreen rack to your NFT system?

Single Rack MicroGreen Growing System      $2,350.00

  • Single rack with nutrient feed and drain plumbing.
  • (16) 10” width x 12’ long PVC growing channels
  • 4 channels per level by 4 levels high
  • Measurement of complete rack is 12.5’ long x 50” wide x 6’4” high
  • Support rack is made of square galvanized steel
  • Submersible pump
  • (200) bio-degradable burlap strips growing media
  • Digital Timer
  • Instruction Manual
Microgreens rack

For more information on this system contact CropKing at 330-302-4203


Benefits and Advantages of Microgreen Growing System

  • Grow fresh, highly nutritious and extremely tasty Microgreens!
  • Eliminate the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides.
  • Accelerate germination and growth of microgreens.
  • Grow a consistent quantity and quality of product, day in and day out!
  • Minimize labor watering is completely automated.
  • Significantly reduced labor compared with soil production.
  • There is NO soil, so the product is perfectly clean!
  • There are no grains of soil/sand/grit in the final product.
  • Only light rinsing is required since soil is not present.
  • Labor is reduced in washing, both at the grower end and receiver end.
  • The microgreens do not get damaged with manual handling, which means a more marketable product.
  • The system allows for a variety of Microgreen crops to be grown.
  • Nutritional management is significantly easier since we can feed optimum nutrients directly to the seeds and young plants rather than having to inject it into the soil.
  • The system allows for uniform and extremely consistent water and nutrient supply to the plants.
  • No need for composting or mixing soils.
  • No need for filling growing beds with soil mixes.
  • No need for spreading soil on top of the seeds after planting.
  • No need for removing soil after the crop is harvested.
  • No need for replacing soil after each crop is harvested.
  • No need for manual watering of the seeds or growing beds.
  • No risk of contaminants from previous crop residue remaining in the soil growing beds.
  • No risk of soil born insects, since 90% of most detrimental insects carry on their reproductive cycle in the soil.
  • No soil born diseases such as phytophera, pythium, or other bacterial diseases that are commonly found in soil.
  • No weeds!






Background Information on Microgreens

"Succulent Edible Shoots" by Dr. Lynette Morgan     Article





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