Small Scale Hydroponic Growing

Perfect intoductory system for the hobby grower or for educational purposes. 

CropKing NFT 4-6
NFT 4-6

NFT 4-6 uses the NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) system for growing lettuce, herbs and other small leaf crops. This self contained system has six extruded PVC channels with 36 growing spaces. The system includes a sqaure steel support table and removable top caps for easy cleaning. A small flow of nutrient rich solution flows over the roots of the plants through the channel, allowing for good oxygenation at the root level.

$ 375.00 with Free Shipping:
   •  36 Leaf crop spaces
   •  (6) 4' Channels
   •  55" length x 55" width x 31" height
   •  Square Aluminum support table with adjustable legs for leveling
   •  Completely enclosed system, including both spouted and smooth end caps to avoid algae growth
   •  Removable top caps for easy cleaning
   •  Nutrient feed line plumbing and drain linesFeed Side
   •  Submersible pump
   •  Easy to assemble with crescent wrench

   •  Nutrient Tank (pictured) not included **
   •  Free Shipping in US

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Frequently Asked Questions:Drain Side

1. What else do you need to start growing?

1 pound of Hydro Gro A FER3032
1 pound Hydro Gro B FER3024
pH Control Kit  PHT4000
200 cube Rockwool Pad  ROC1004
Seed Tray TRA1100
Hobby Hydroponics Book BOO1006
20 Gallon Tote with lid TAN2101

2. Do I need Lights?

All plants need light. if you are not in a greenhouse situation, you will need to have a grow light that you can suspend above the system.