CropKing's Hydroponic Conference 2010

November 4-6, 2010
Orlando, Florida

Doubletree Resort Orlando



Robert Hansen, PhD

Aaron Buzza

Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza

John Wolf

Jan Meneley, PhD

Phil Johnson

Bob Hochmuth

More to come!

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

7:00 - 8:00pm  Wine and Cheese, Meet and Greet

Friday, November 5, 2010

8:30- Continental Breakfast

9:00- Conference Opening and Welcome

9:15- Introduction to Speakers, Exhibitors and CropKing Personnel

9:45- Aaron Buzza: The School Farmers Market in Presque Isle: The History of its Development and How you Can Implement some of the Features

10:30- Break with Refreshments

11:00- Mohyuddin Mirza: Temperature, Tomatoes and Total Yields

11:45- J.C. Meneley: Grower Assistance using Microbes- Beneficial Bacteria and Fungi to the Rescue

12:30- Lunch

1:45- Phil Johnson: Features and Advatages of Horticulture Rockwool as a Growing Media in Hydroponic

2:30- Steve Froehlich:

3:15- Break

3:45- Robert Hansen:

4:15- Bob Hochmuth:


Saturday November 6, 2010

8:30- Continental Breakfast


9:15- John Wolf:

10:00- Bob Hochmuth:

10:45- Break

11:15- Mohyuddin Mirza:Diagnosing Problems is not my Forte?

12:00- Robert Hansen:

12:45- Lunch

2:00- Short Presentation from four of CropKing's Commercial Growers. They will share their success and struggles with their Hydroponic Greenhouse businesses.

3:15- Break

3:45- Round Table with Questions from the Audience

Grower Presentations

Saturday afternoon has been reserved for presentations from four of CropKing Growers.  This is your opportunity for a real-world glimpse into the life of a hydroponic grower.    We will have presentations from four growers, who grow a variety of hydroponic food crops.  We have asked them to include  in their presentations  what has worked for them when marketing their crop as well as what has not worked.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those who are attending as growers, to get new ideas and also the prefect chance for potential growers to learn from those who are actually growing hydroponic crops commercially.   

Grower Round Table

After their presentations, the four growers have been asked to participate in a Grower Round Table.  This Round Table will include some CropKing employees as well as some of the conference speakers.  It will be your turn to either share a past experience in hydroponics that may be useful to others or to ask a question of the members of the Round Table. 


4:30- Conference Summary and Conclusion


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Ten Great Reasons to Attend CropKing’s Conference


1.       Meet other growers- Where else can you get the opportunity to meet so many people who have many of the same interests as you with regard to hydroponic growing?  Wherever you are on the road to success, you will meet others who have been there before and who are willing to share with you or help you take the next step in Hydroponics.

2.       Gain plenty of practical information- You might attend a session on how to: construct your greenhouse, market your product, use beneficials in the greenhouse or managing the environment.  Whether you are a newbie or a pro, you will definitely get some nuts and bolts of knowledge that you can use to improve your hydroponic business.

3.       Learn something-  At one of our past conferences, one of our seasoned growers said to us, “Every year that I come, I think that I must know almost everything by now, but each conference  I come away with at least one new, fresh idea and go back home excited about the hydroponic industry in general.”  


4.       Get energized- There is nothing more infectious than a large group of people all excited about the same thing.  When you get together with other growers who are all passionate about growing, you’ll be more excited about returning to your greenhouse to try out some new concepts.


5.       Learn about the newest research in the industry-  Hear and see excerpts of the work being done by Robert Hansen and his team at the OARDC with NFT Lettuce and various feed rates and cultivar and fertilizer treatments.


6.       Learn new marketing ideas for your crops- CropKing conferences attract all types of growers who have found and developed almost exotic marketing approaches.  Some of them may grow for markets that you haven’t considered yet.  You will come away with new, refreshing marketing ideas. 

7.       Improve your professional effectiveness- Schoolteachers, doctors, engineers and lawyers all need to attend continuing education courses to keep up with the developments in their fields. Our Hydroponic Growers Conference is an excellent way to continue your education and improve your knowledge in the field of Hydroponics.

8.       Be inspired- If you come with an ear to listen, there will be speakers or growers who seem to be talking directly to you. Some have overcome great obstacles in order to succeed. It’s the rare grower that has not faced difficulties from time to time. They may be able to give you hope or encouragement or that little push that you need.

9.       Meet educators, experienced growers and vendors- This is the ultimate payoff: Networking and meeting others in the industry; educators, growers and even vendors with new products.


10.   Write off the trip and entry fees on your income tax as a business expense- Uncle Sam will give you a tax break for attending this conference!

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