CropKing 10-36 NFT Small Leaf Crop System

This hydroponic system is a great starter system for those who want to try their hands at growing hydroponic lettuce. This is the perfect system for those desiring to experience the NFT growing without a lot of start up capital. channel and spout

CropKing's 540 plant position, 36-10' growing channels, with galvanized steel support table and self watering nursery.

The 10.5 feet wide by 26 feet long system includes the CropKing Fertroller, which monitors your nutrients and adjusts your pH as needed. The components End Capof the system are the same ones utilized in our full size growing system. CropKing's NFT Channels are made of UV inhibited, food grade PVC and features removable tops for ease of cleaning. Our channels are completely enclosed on both ends with an end cap on one end and a spouted end cap on the other, allowing for little or no algae in this completely enclosed system. The covers are punched with 1" square holes on 8" spacing. 


System includes:

  • (36) 10' growing channels with end caps and top caps
  • Galvanized support tables
  • Seedling nursery
  • 100 gallon nutrient tank and 2 pumps- one for backup
  • Fertroller Microprocessor for nutrient and pH control (same one used in commercial systems)
  • Nutrient feed and return plumbing
  • 50 pounds of HydroGro fertilizer and 50 pounds of "B" mix
  • 1000 Bibb lettuce seeds
  • BlueLab Control Combo Meter for testing EC and pH
  • 1 case of Rockwool 1" starting cubes (6,000)
  • "Hydroponic Lettuce Production" book by Lynette Morgan
  • "Lettuce Production" on DVD
  • Manual for installation and growing instructions



For more details please contact one of our CropKing's sales representatives at 330-302-4203.



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