CropKing NFT 8-25

The CropKing NFT 8-25 is a great way to test your market for hydroponic lettuce or to supply a farm market with locally grown greens. Lettuce Channels

The growing channels are constructed from UV stabilized, Food Grade plastic and have removable top covers for ease of cleaning. A cleaner system allows for healthier plants and higher yields.

Cropking eliminates the need for cutting and drilling by pre-punching the top covers.

Our channel comes with end caps to keep out light and prohibits algae growth. The design and height of the CropKing NFT channel works perfectly with a one inch rockwool cube, eliminating the need for filling net pots.

System measures 8.5’ x 16.75 feet

System Includes

• (25) 8 Foot Growing Channels with 300 plant spaces

• Galvanized Steel Support Table

• Nutrient Feed and Return Plumbing

• 1/8 hp Submersible, Continuous Duty Pump

• 100 Gallon Stock Tank

• Growing Instructions


CropKing NFT 8-25

               Item NFT0825 $ 1495.00


Suggested Additional Materials

CropKing NFT Fertroller  Item FERT1000  $ 2795.00

50 Pound Hydro-Gro Item FER1000    $126.00

50 Pound Calcium Nitrate Item FER3014 $29.95

Rockwool AO 25/40, 1 inch seed starter cubes with hole at the wide end to fit perfectly in CropKing’s channel, 1 Case Item ROC1004 $ 186.95

Bibb Lettuce Seeds, 100 seeds Item LET2000 $ 3.60

10/20 Seed Tray with Holes for nesting Item TRA1100 $ 1.20

10/20 Seed Tray without Holes for holding nutrients Item TRA1100 $ 1.80

A Practical Guide to NFT by C.J. Molyneux  This book sets out the principles and practices of the technioque in a concise but thorough manner. With this guide at hand, anyone can introduce NFT.  Item BOO0027 $ 49.75

NFT Lettuce Production on DVD covers the details of NFT lettuce production from seed to harvest. Item DVD1300 $ 29.95



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