CropKing 24 Bato Bucket

Grow over 500 pounds of Vine-Ripe fresh tomatoes per year in this Tomato Plantscommercial style system! This is an ideal system for growing crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and peppers. Each perlite filled Bato Bucket holds one or two plants, and is fed hydroponic nutrients from a provided 100 gallon nutrient tank. The long life, tan colored, plastic Bato buckets have a special reservoir and elbow drainage system to provide the correct moisture level and nutrient gradient for optimal root health.

The Bato Bucket System is comprised of 16 foot long double rows, with 12 buckets in each row. The buckets rest on the provided drain lines. The system is normally setup as a "drain to waste" commercial style system where the excess nutrient flows to a drain, but it can also be setup as a recirculating system by burying the nutrient feed tank, and sloping the drains back to the tank.

The Bato Bucket Growing System includes 24 buckets with elbows, 100 gallon nutrient tank, electronic timer, feed pump, filter, distribution and drainage plumbing, hardware, and perlite growing media. A minimum greenhouse footprint of approximately 12 feet by 20 feet will be needed to access all sides of the plants.

CropKing 24 Bato Bucket 
         Item BAT0024 $ 995.00


Bucket layout



Suggested Additional Items:

Plant Support Package
100 ft of cable, bato bobbins, turnbuckles for two rows of plants BAT0024PS $ 167.00
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50 pound Calcium Nitrate FER3014 $ 29.95
50 pound Potassium Nitrate FER3012 $ 69.00
Bluelab Combo Meter   PHM3000 $ 260.00
Rockwool AO36/40, 1-1/2 inch seed starter cubes ROC1008 $ 9.83
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Seed Tray without holes TRA1101 $ 1.80
Vine Clips VIN8003 $ 10.00


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